Talking about and using hemp derived CBD products used to be fairly taboo.  With it being more widely accepted, it is time that in veterinary medicine we begin using it on our patients when conventional pharmaceuticals are limited.  Prior to developing Premier CBD Solutions, I had clients that used various hemp derived CBD products with varying results.  With the amount of CBD products on the market and the lack of FDA guidelines, it is difficult for clients to know if the CBD product they are using is of any quality.  I am grateful that I can provide my clients with a high quality, full spectrum hemp CBD oil that is backed by experienced veterinarians.  CBD Equine, in particular, is a game changer in how we treat acute and chronic pain in horses.  Laminitis is a debilitating and sometimes deadly disease and we are limited to the types of pain relief pharmaceuticals we can use in these patients.  CBD Equine has been a great addition to the treatment plan for these cases.  CBD Canine has changed the quality of life of my geriatric patients who struggle with arthritis or cognitive dysfunction.”

Kelley Jones, DVM
 Co-Founder, Premier CBD Solutions

I became interested in hemp derived CBD based products in veterinary medicine after hearing about the benefits from so many of my clients.  I started experimenting with some of my own horses, and then some of my hospitalized patients.  The results were amazing.  Horses with profound orthopedic pain, such as those suffering from laminitis or joint sepsis were remarkably more comfortable, as evidenced by their general demeanor, appetite, and significantly less time spent laying down.  I get to rehabilitate many horses post injury.  This is a particular challenge because these horses are generally fit athletes that do not do well with extended periods of rest.  Following administration of CBD Equine, these horses stay quiet and are much more amenable to their reduced exercise and rehabilitation.  I have also used in horses that are returning to exercise under saddle post injury with similar results.  Historically I have had to resort to various pharmaceuticals to get these same effects.  Horses undergoing stress, such as those traveling to horse shows, undergoing surgery, and recovering from injury just seem to feel better.   We are just scratching the surface of the many potential benefits of CBD oil in veterinary medicine.   I am excited to continue exploring the uses of these products with the intention of improving the lives of animals.

William Rhoads, DVM
 Co-Founder, Premier CBD Solutions

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